AppSheet scheduled maintenance window

Hello everyone,

AppSheet will perform maintenance work to migrate our infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform on the following days:

  • Saturday, August 22, 2020, 11am - 3pm PDT (6pm - 10pm GMT)
  • Saturday, August 29, 2020, 11am - 3pm PDT (6pm - 10pm GMT)
  • Saturday, September 5, 2020, 11am - 6pm PDT (6pm - 1am GMT)

During these times, App Creators won’t be able to access the Editor or make changes to the app definitions. Existing app users will not be impacted and can still use the applications at these times.

New app users and app creators will not be able to sign up for AppSheet during this time.

This is a rare event - we’re sorry for any inconvenience to you. This work will allow us to integrate with other Google services and continue to expand the functionality of the platform.

I will be updating you on the status of the Editor outage live in this thread. Please reach out to if you encounter any issues with your live apps.


Kamila & the AppSheet Team


Indeed. I’ve been using the AppSheet platform for over 5 years now and it’s never been shut down for a 4 hour window.

For me, it’s a welcome rare event - one that will bring with it many possibilities for the future.


Thanks, I appreciate the support!


one giant leap for mankind!!! :rocket:


Praying for a smooth and complication free migration.


Thank you Lucinda!


Awesome. This lights a hope in my soul for some truly amazing functionality to come. The possibility of it turning into a raging fire of yearning by the 3rd Saturday is very possible. :fire: :heart:


Amen :pray: @Lucinda_Mason

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Great! No bugs on the journey!

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Lets hope not. Exciting times!

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Thanks for the support everyone!

I added one clarifying update: new app creators and app users won’t be able to sign up for AppSheet during this time. In practice, it means that if a user that is completely new to AppSheet needs to access one of your apps, and has to create an AppSheet account in the process, they won’t be able to do it during this maintenance window. We will make sure this is communicated to any new users that are affected.

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Hi is this happening at present, notice my apps are working but when I log into our account I cant find my apps it shows zero apps in our account…

Do you mind contacting us at if you are still experiencing issues? This will let us request more information about the account and troubleshoot. We wouldn’t expect any such issues after this Saturday, but I do want to look into it.

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Is today’s maintenance complete? Thought there might be an announcement when finished.

Yes, our maintenance for this week was completed at 12pm. Apology about the delay in letting you know.


Hi Kamila
I read the manintenance is over but I still cannot log in to my account
I got this message:

Should i reach support team?


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Thank you for the response Steve - Claudio, definitely, you should reach out to the support team. The error in the screenshot would indicate that this is a custom setting enforced by your organization’s admin - our support team will be able to look into your account’s set up and troubleshoot with you. Thanks for letting us know.

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We extended the scheduled maintenance to one more Saturday (September 5). I included the information in the post above. An additional week helps us incorporate what we have learned so far into the process. Thank you all for your support so far!