AppSheet Security

Hello everyone!

I have a couple of security questions:

  1. I am curious to learn if the AppSheet platform has encryption in transit and at rest. Or is security more dependent on the cloud/server provider we choose to store our tables and files?

  2. Can AppSheet grant or deny access to any application interface by IP address?

  3. Is there any form of data backup and recovery, or disaster recovery measures, native on the AppSheet platform?


If I am to believe the information I’ve read:

  1. Data is encrypted in transit and passed via HTTPS protocol. Im not certain if data is encrypted when stored locally on a user’s device. I believe cached data at rest on appsheets servers is encrypted. Data encryption on your back end storage provider would be specified by you - I’m not sure what impact encrypting the backend database would have on the AppSheet service.

  2. You can impose IP address restrictions through your back-end storage provider. However, data access through the AppSheet service is secured via oath protocol and user credentials - you cannot impose IP address restrictions at this level.

  3. Not native to the AppSheet platform. You can specify your own backup and data retention policies through your back-end storage provider, or build your own via workflows.



No. All of the data used by the app is provided by you; therefore, you are responsible for ensuring the recoverability of the data store.