AppSheet service outage?

Is the appsheet service running slow for anyone else?

I am not able to load into applications, or get into the application editors.


Yes, same for me.

same here


yup, same here…

same :frowning:

Same for me…:innocent:

same here…

same for me too! 502 try again later

Me pasa lo mismo. Tengo problemas para trabajar en las aplicaciones incluso

Same here in Aus

Guys any updates on this - from Australia been out for more than 1 hour down here

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Hi from New Zealand and i is down here too

Everyone, there is a message on their Community page with the following

Right now, our service is experiencing an outage. It is related to a problem in the underlying database infrastructure.

It is being actively worked and we’ll update with status regularly.

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thanks for the update - appreciated

Hey everyone - it looks as it is back online now - it is a little slow but it is responding.

Good luck to everyone.



This is the announcement on the Community page : :slight_smile:

The system is back to working … some of the servers are ramping up and we expect to be back to full health in 10 mins or so.