AppSheet Shortcut Issue on IOS 13.5.1. Anyway to fix?

I have a client looking to use iPads with iOS 13.5.1 for his appsheet app and is having the issue below. Has anyone seen this? Is there a way to get the icon set on the home screen without the redirect to the login screen?

"We have an IOS device (iPad) that is running IOS 13.5.1. When we installed the Mobile App AppSheet installs and will run the app, but when we try to create a shortcut for the Home Screen it takes us to a web page and then shows the USAgain icon and indicates to touch it and then Add to Home Screen (I know this is normal ![:blush:

When we touch the icon nothing happens, no Home Screen prompt, and when we long touch it the icon selects like an image and nothing happens.

We can run the App through the AppSheet icon, but if we close it and reopen AppSheet then it prompts us for a log in to proceed. I assume it’s because it’s not running the Shortcut App, and trying to open the AppSheet pool to get to the USAgain app."

I’m using AppSheet on on iPad with iOS 13.3. These steps work for me.

  1. Open app from AppSheet icon. Click on Add Shortcut.

Goes to a blank safari window. Click on the box with an up arrow to the right of the url box.

Select Add to Home Screen.

Click add.

I log in via Google and it stays logged in, even when I delete the shortcuts and AppSheet and start all over.


Outstanding! We’ll give this a try in the morning.

A million thanks Lucinda!

Do u think this will work for a public app as well?

No idea. I’m only doing apps for use within my organization.

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Success! It worked perfectly. Thanks again Lucinda :slight_smile:

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