Appsheet should announce weekly bug fixes and any service update in detail

It will be nice if we can get the list of bug fixes, improvements and any change at AppSheet side. (Something like games patches :stuck_out_tongue: )

So when we encounter any unexpected behavior at our Apps, we can reference back to those fixes and see anything could be related.

The announcement should be in detail.

For example, the values in a list got trimmed of white-spaces but it no longer does that now. So we need that kind of detail :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

FYI- @praveen

@JCadence ^

Hi @Steven_Aung

The new Feature Release Notes category includes many of our bug fixes with a brief description. If you havenโ€™t had a chance to I highly encourage you too and let us know if this is helpful or not.

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Thatโ€™s helpful for the feature release side but we also need more detail on bug fixes and any change in existing functions which could greatly impact our live apps.

So keep up with the announcements but please add more detail :slight_smile:

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โ€œBug fix: Read EnumList values for Airtable Impacted Creators have been notified. Deployed to allโ€

Not sure that fix also have impact on one issue I found this morning.
I do not use airtable but the values in a Enum list generated by Valid_if expression was trimmed of white-spaces but it no longer trim those values now. We need that kind of details :slight_smile:
(Sorry I updated the above line. I mixed up when it was trimmed)

Another issue I found today is how Appsheet check list memeber.

It used to be that LIST([REF EMAIL] , USEREMAIL()) would be working fine. [Ref Email] is a reference to another table whose key is email.

Hi @JCadence,

After this week update, it will show us as error because of mismatch types. To fix it, it should be written as
LIST(TEXT([REF EMAIL]) , TEXT(USEREMAIL())). Basically, have convert both entries to text.

I am OK with the update itself. Always welcome stronger check on expression.

The thing is thereโ€™s no official notices talking about those changes.