AppSheet showing 'Container' when it shouldn't

Updated based on corrected flow.

App opens with ‘Add New User’ form.
User clicks cancel.
App displays Card view ‘User_Error_Message’ with
Clicking anywhere on the card takes the user back to ‘Add New User’ form.

User adds him/herself. Clicks save.
App DOES open ‘Instructions Data Entry’, an Onboarding View, which is the Finish View on ‘Add New User’ Form.

But after closing the ‘Instructions Data Entry’ Onboarding View, the following appears:

The row filter for the slice this form is based off is keeping anything ON the form from showing but the form container is still showing. IF(NOT(IN( USEREMAIL(),USERS[USER_EMAIL])),[MESSAGE_NO]=2,"")

Before I added the User Error Message form, the Launcher view would normally open. Launcher was the ONLY primary view. Now Launcher and User Error Message are the only two primary views.

As you can see in the second image, Launcher is the ONLY item shown at the bottom of the screen as it is the only primary view that meets the current condition. Launcher did not appear at the bottom in the first image as it’s conditions were not met.


  1. Why is it going back to the User Error Message form when the condition to display it is no longer met? Which is obviously being read since no data is being displayed on that form.

Thanks for your help. Please let me know if you need more info to help solve this.


Confirm in the app editor emulator that the form you save is in fact the form view you configured with a finish-view:

Ok. I see that I described my problem incorrectly.

It is going to the Finish View correctly. But when closing the ‘Instructions Data Entry’, which is an Onboarding View, it goes to the User Error Message form shown above and not the Launcher view which is what it did before I added the User Error Message form. I will update the original post.

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