AppSheet Smart Assistant (Voice Search): How do you use it?

This is half Feature Request, and half Question-- I couldn’t decide which Category!

Does anyone use the Smart Assistant (Voice Search) feature?

It’s turned on by default in new apps and allows searching tables with voice or text search commands.

I think it’s a neat idea, but I’ve never had a good use for it so it’s one of the first things I turn off in every app-- just to get rid of the view.

Do you use the Smart Assistant? What kind of data does your app track, and what voice queries do you use?

I think this feature could be more useful if you could define some templates ‘per app’ with variables for columns and operators. Something like “This Command” = “This LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW” with parameters passed from the voice command to the function.

If we had a two column table of ‘commands’ and ‘queries’, then we could customize the assistant per app.

Voice Command
Inspections Approved This Week by ApprovedBy
SORT(FILTER(Inspection,AND( WEEKNUM([ApprovedDate])=WEEKNUM(TODAY()), YEAR([ApprovedDate])=YEAR(TODAY()),[ApprovedBy]))

This is kind of possible already to an extent with certain key words, but if we had a table to define our own custom functions it would be a lot more powerful.

I’m one of those I never you it and I always turn it off…