AppSheet to help others

Dear community,

Having discovered AppSheet a few weeks ago blew my mind. It is something I was expecting a long time ago. After creating a handfull of apps to help my daily work, I have realized that I really enjoy doing this.

I would like to learn more about using AppSheet while helping other people and organizations through app creation. It gives me lots of satisfaction seeing the final app working, freeing more time and creating neat mobile data bases to the end user.

I would appreciate some guidance to start creating apps for others if I actually have what it takes to do it. I´m even willing to help other creators for free in order to learn more.

Thank you in advance for your comments.


That’s awesome!
I have a small project idea, more as a proof of concept / sample app for the community.

We might have many tables, and from each we may want to add images, comments, files, etc… But we don’t want a bunch of duplicate tables… How would you structure and present an app that allows you to do something like that?

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Hey Grant,
Do you mean you don´t want duplicate images, comments, files, etc for each table but rather share those files for as many tables as you want?

A classic relationship would be parent table THING, and a child table IMAGES… But, what if instead we wanted many “thing” tables, and only one “content” table.


Then one table for CONTENT attachments… I have a lot of ideas, but would love to see another perspective before I implement it. I think it could make a great community sample app as well.

Just creted a sample app with the proposed structure.
How can I share it woth you? email?

Invite sent!