Appsheet to MySQL data types docs

Hi! I’m working on moving a couple of existing apps from a Google Sheet to a Google Cloud MySQL database. I’m wondering if there is any documentation available that covers what data types and key setup Appsheet would use when doing an automatic copy of app and data to a connected database. In my case that didn’t work and I have to manually set up the tables in the MySQL database and load in the existing info. I was hoping to set it up exactly as Appsheet would and the adjust as I learn more about MySQL. Does anyone know if this type of documentation is available? Thanks in advance!

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Thanks @Steve, I reviewed the docs. Some of the column types I don’t see referenced. For example, for an Appsheet “Show” column type, what would be the equivalent column type in a MySQL database? Or say for an Appsheet “Ref” column?

I can only guess, since I have no experience with MySQL with AppSheet.

I’d think Show columns could be anything, as the column value really isn’t used, so you might try CHAR(1).

I’d think a Ref column should be the type corresponding to the referenced table’s key column type.