AppSheet TOS and Privacy Policy updates

I was reviewing AppSheet’s terms of service and privacy policy and it’s brought about a concern; namely, how are app creators / clients of AS notified on updates to the TOS & PP?

I noticed that the privacy policy has been updated as of August 16 2019, but I don’t think I was notified of the change. I think this is very important as the nature of this platform means these changes trickle down past us to other potential clients.

Did I miss a notification somewhere? It states at the bottom of the privacy policy that we would be notified via email of any changes via email, but I don’t have one. Admittedly I have not been that concerned with the TOS / PP in the past, so it may have went under my radar.

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Hi Jonathon, this is good feedback, we’re working on email updates as well. We make sure the page itself is up to date and list the most recent date for both TOS and Privacy Policy.