AppSheet Update Message - barcode scanner

Hello, I have a client with drivers out in the field and receiving this message when they attempt to scan a barcode. It advises “if the update is not completed in the next few days, the app will stop working”. Is anyone familiar with this one?

Maybe this:




Thanks so much Markus. This client is not currently on the White-Label product and would think the update would occur automatically no?

Maybe the ‘Feature Release Notes’ that @Austin_Lambeth noted above is more applicable in your case.

Thanks Markus and Austin!

Might be some kinda bug where it shows even if the version is updated.

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That’d be good to know if your user is seeing this but is on the latest version of the Android AppSheet app.

@Gil FYI

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Will find out and send a note to confirm.

@Daisy_Ramirez The update may or may not occur automatically, depending on the user’s Play Store settings. The pop up should have a link to update the app on the Play Store.
Does the user sees the pop up after getting the latest version from the store?

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