AppSheet weekly Office Hour S1E8 (Feb 8, 2018...

(Gwen Chen) #1

AppSheet weekly Office Hour S1E8 (Feb 8, 2018) will start in around 1 hour!

Do you have any burning questions for the AppSheet team? We are here to help!

The live webinar will be from 9:00 am to 10:00 am PST. Feel free to join!

We will start with some of the following questions: >>How can I use automatic emails and push notifications in my apps? >>How can I integrate with services like Zapier or IFTTT? >>What are some tips and tricks to use references between tables?

Webinar registration link:

Ask Office Hours App link:

(Mark Schormann) #2

I would really like to see these webinars starting a bit later.

The current time makes it difficult in SA (as I am sure it is in the Euro zone as well).

Why not have it at the same time as the partner call?