AppSheet - Workflow to Bot migration suggestion

To aid in the future migration process of Workflows to Bots, I would like to suggest a Convert button be made available on each Workflow where app creators can choose to migrate Workflows on our own.

Not only would this help test the migration functionality on AppSheet’s end solidifying it for the planned platform-wide migration date…but it would also serve to gain assurances among app creators of the effectiveness of the migration process as well as an understanding of how Workflow parts will be migrated.

Additionally, some developers might decide to convert ALL of their Workflows themselves lessening the burden on services on migration day.

Of course, in the beginning, the Convert button should simply duplicate the Workflow as a Bot so that we can verify the migration. App Creators can then delete the Workflow once they have tested the Bot is working as expected.

And maybe there should be a way to mark the Workflow as migrated so it is not duplicated.


I think you may have overheard our conversation @WillowMobileSystems :slight_smile: We are working on a “convert to bot” feature that we plan to release soon. This will allow customers to convert workflow rules/reports to bots on demand and get more familiar with bots. Will make an announcement as soon as it’s ready. Please stay tuned.