Appsheets cloud-hosted data sources

Hello! I like very much that Appsheets can connect to various data sources, especially with that of Google Sheet.

I have used App Maker to connect to a data table residing in Google Drive before, but this option was deprecated soon enough, and had to move to Cloud SQL.

My concern now is, considering Appsheet has been acquired by Google, will the connectivity to Google Sheets, and other non-Google data sources, be “deprecated” sometime in the future, and be forced to move Google Cloud, as has happened before?

I’d appreciate any feedback from Appsheets, and others. Thanks!

Praveen has been adamant about AppSheet remaining open to other data sources despite now being owned by GCP. I think things will continue to be open as they are, in fact I imagine being a part of the Google Cloud Platform will open up some other areas that weren’t possible before.

You can read a little more from the announcement thread:

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Thanks for some assurances! Let’s see… and whether the current pricing structure will improve, with Google!

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