AppSheet's early days

This isn’t a tip about how to do something on AppSheet. Rather, it’s a tip on where you can learn a bit about AppSheet’s beginnings through a YouTube talk by founder Praveen Seshadri – from fall 2014!!

I found this in the following blog post:

Anyone know of other talks or interviews (audio) with @praveen that we can enjoy? I’m still waiting for him to be interviewed on the “How I Built This” podcast. :wink:


Haha, I had fun seeing that. I had more hair on my head back then.


Any more videos or audio with you? Actually, I’m a big podcast fan. Podcasts make it possible to learn new things while doing mundane tasks (driving, cleaning, walking etc.) where one can’t read text or watch video but one’s ears are free to listen. I think it may be too early for AppSheet to have its own podcast but interviews with you or other people involved with AppSheet on other podcasts might be a good way to get the word out about AppSheet to the uninitiated . . . podcasts that business people listen to might be particularly good forums for your purposes.

By the way, speaking of getting the word out, I’m preparing a presentation in Japanese for a conference on the utilization of IT in universities. I think the paper I’m writing may wind up being the first academic paper in Japanesee focusing on the utilization of AppSheet. In fact, there don’t even seem to have been any papers published on the no code movement in Japanese, though it has gotten some limited mention in the media. Even the number of academic papers on the low code movement is pretty small. I hope I can help develop some buzz. :wink: