Appsheets will not update. app times out. is there site wide issues. i'm in NYS

i keep getting errors that sync is taking to long and that it has timed out.

I’m also experiencing an unusually long sync times. Located in Europe

Hi, are you still seeing this behavior?

Yes, the sync time is around 30 seconds instead of usual 5-6.

My sync is timing out and not completing. Then I get an error. This is happening on my phone app and my desk top.

yes. both admin login page and my employee’s page sync.

The a8eab843-a390-4de2-b454-914a4f5af082 app
did not load successfully. Please contact the app
Unable to fetch app definition. Error:Request cancelled: took too long to process:
Fetching values from table ‘DELIVERIES’/n

I encourage you to reach out to directly for help with this.