April 14, 2021

Deployment Time: 12:19 PM PST

Features & Enhancements

Item Description
Feature Creation of workflow rules and reports has been temporarily enabled.
Feature Authentication Groups do not require a domain.

Authentication groups in Security/Domain Authentication can now be added without choosing an authentication domain. This means that groups from multiple domains can be chosen, and also that groups can be used without requiring all users to be part of a single domain.

Bug Fixes

Item Description
Bug The path returned for files in a folder now contains the path from the root of the drive. Previously it only returned the filename, not the full path.
Bug Previously the new FasterAPI 'UpdateRows' method was sending all field values to the database on update rather than only those field values that changed. This could cause errors if a field was not updatable, such as an identity column. We now only send the updated field values to the database.
Bug The editor would sometimes disable the Save button even if the save failed on the server. In these rare cases the server now appropriately tells the editor the save failed, and so the button stays enabled, making it more apparent there was a problem with the save.

Preview announcements

The AppSheet Preview program lets app creators try out new app features that are not yet fully supported. Learn how to participate in the AppSheet preview program for app client features.

  • No new preview features were released today.

What's currently available in the Preview program?

Item Description
Feature We are updating the Preview version monitoring app to allow a better monitoring experience for automation execution, from bot, to event, to process and to each step's execution within the process.
  • Support was added for filtering by ref types.
  • Display names are now shown in filters when specified.
  • The filtering icon was removed from the search bar in a dashboard.
  • New Chart users are now able to hide the title for their charts. There is now a button in the configuration header that lets users turn on/off the title of their chart. This is useful in cases where there may be multiple charts on the same page.
Feature Chart Editor

App Creators can now make use of our new chart editor and the new and improved charts it can create. Learn more.

Feature Filters in AppSheet applications

App users can now filter items from a collection of records based on column values.

The feature is available both on mobile devices and desktop computers. Learn more.

Feature Resizing column width in table views

App users can now resize the width of columns in any table view. Simply click and drag the separator between column headers.


I remember I asked qustion before, but is this for what ? Google Group settings?


I believe this is for read folder as table feature.


This is pretty much new to hear (at least to me) . Not sure what FasterAPI means and indicates as well.


yet seeing this. Not arriving to our account. What is latest ETA to paid users? Is it British Southern Railways (sorry for my friends in UK . Train never comes on time.)

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What does it mean? “Attributes” is not official words used in AppSheet documention (as it is no-code platform) but even with me with bit of coding knowledge, I dont know what this attirbute does mean. Apprecicate if we could get more deepeer and detailed explanation to see what it is exactly.

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@Phil can help with ETA for business users.

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Hi @Harsh_Ch
We do ( I do) apprecite for daily upadate, but it is not telling us what it exactly means. Even me with 4 years onboard with Appshee, not sure what it means. I have new colleague joining with my team but it is naturally difficult to understand this preciosu daily updates as they are not intuitive and self-explanatory. I know this requires tongs of jobs and time to compile such a useful daily digest, but I want to make the more intuitive for citizen developper like me.Cheers.
I dont want to bury jobs you guys did for us.
Announcement and statement should be naturally intuitive and readily readable for anyone. Especially for the platform like Appsheet where bunch of people coming from different countries, regios with different background (but lets say all citizen developpers) .
Understanding by the citizen developper to the platform is just a fuel (probably electric these days, rather than gas? ) to push the platform to the higher stage, I believe.

If we start to use the terms which can be understood by only the developper, enginner and coding guys here to communiate , then we have to admit AppSheet is no longer no-code platform.

Again, as usual, in my humble opinion

From pure citizen developper with no code experience before.


I also wanted to say the same thing about the FasterAPI term. This is my first time hearing that term, so it’s difficult to know in which contexts it applies.

Otherwise, I agree with @tsuji_koichi. It’s incredibly helpful receiving these feature release updates.


Good feedback Koichi. Will update this feature release note (and future ones) as well as the announcement about Fitlers.


The “FasterAPI” was an enhancement I made to try to improve SQL add and update performance when I was enhancing CSV Import performance. When CSV Import is used, it may add or update hundreds or thousands of records. I made changes to the SQL provider to attempt to perform the adds or updates in batches to minimizes the number of round trips between Appsheet and the SQL provider. It is a relatively complex change and it only helps when the user is attempting to add or update many records. As a result it primarily affects CSV Import or the REST API when many records are added or updated in batches. It is currently only enabled for about 15 customers who were invited to participate because they might benefit from it.

I attempted to roll the “Faster API” change out to other customers, but when I did this it broke a customer’s application because of a bug in my implementation. I have since fixed that bug, which is the change I described in the release note.

I still hope to roll out the “Faster API” change to all customers so those that are using CSV Import or the REST API to add or update multiple records will benefit from it. The problem is that every fundamental change of this sort risks introducing regressions like I did in his case.


HI @Phil san,
Thanks you for your detailed clarifications, Now i got lt.
“FasterAPI” service name sounds fancy. We do use bulk import service for apps for particular clients, they upload some thousands. Hope it will be deployed to our account sometime soon.

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