April Office Hours

(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #1


April Office Hours will be starting at 9am Pacific and you can register here (registrants will also receive a recording): https://register.gotowebinar.com/rt/7295312823341424387

Besides fielding questions, scheduled topics include:

  • New ‘Card View’
  • Building Email & PDF Templates
  • Barcode & Icon Generation
  • Animated Loading Screens
  • Reviewing Customizable Dashboards
  • View as User
  • Predictive Models
  • AppSheet Academy
  • Webhook Attachments

A couple of the apps demonstrated are available here as samples:

(Keith Block) #2

This might be more of a feature request… In ‘Card View’, is there a way to use “Ref” or “Enum” Type columns when the underlying type matches Text or Image or whatever?

(Simon Robinson) #3

Will Card View be allowed with a background colour that matches the branding colours

(Daisy Ramirez) #4

Can we make a background image appear in full color vs. opaque?

(Simon Robinson) #5

Posted seperately in a different post…

I know this section is still beta, but here some bugs I’ve identified:

The title shows in the definition view in a browser, but not on a smartphone

The + button to create a new record does not work on a smartphone. Nothing happens when you press it

With a dark colour theme the text is still on a white background, which is off putting

When I set Action 1 as “Edit” this works on a smartphone but not in the definition view. It just sends you to a blank screen with just the background

When I set Action 2 as “Add” this works fine on both

It would be awesome if we could get these bugs sorted in the next week or 2 as I have a white label app that is going to be used by potentially 3000 people. I was hoping to use this as blog section.

(Fof Webmaster) #6

Using Dashboard, is it possible to drill down on a List and subset Map points to correspond with each step of the drill down?

(Charles B) #7

For PDF Templates, how can we create a list “slice” of a report for specific data…


There are lots of Feature Requests in the backlog. Is there any way to have an idea where these sit in priority, or maybe a general roadmap going forward?

(I am “dying” for better and more useful app documentation, and wondering if that is even an a list)

(India Clifton) #9

I want to attach a PDF document to an email in the workflow from a presentation document in GoogleDocs

At current we can only add one from the template which you showed in your webinar.

(Sebastian Avila) #10

I know that we Yes/no column type, but there´s a way to put checbox instead of that?

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(Kelly VanAusdall) #11

Hi Peter,

I emailed this question…just wondering if there is any chance of the ability for users to upload & save videos, similar to how they can upload and save a video. I have an app that has security filters in place for users to save their own info, but I really need the video capability in order to make the app everything it needs to be…thanks!

(Simon Robinson) #12

Animated Loading Screens

Not sure if this is related. But I need to create an App that opens with a page about my business, which the user can click off before they use the App. Its a publisher pro App I’m doing for a charity and might be used by 3000 people. The only benefit I get is a free bit of advertising.

Any ideas or pointers?

(Simon Robinson) #13

Yes use an ENUMLIST with options of “Yes” and “No”


Have you considered a kanban view, similar to Trello, or better KanbanFlow.com? I find this type of view with cards you can move in columns extremely useful.


LOVE that there is now an Appsheet academy!! WIsh I had this when I started :slight_smile:


I want to tie my order management app to shipstation api so that appsheet orders created and changed create and update shipments in shipstation, and changes such as shipping and getting a tracking number in shipstation update my appsheet rows.

Any guidelines of best practice to do this 2 way api interaction?


@PSTX - I would find this really useful as well. Trying to keep Appsheet and Trello in sync is a bit rough

(Wayne Strydom) #18

Will this session be available online for view at a later stage?

(Daisy Ramirez) #19

is it possible on a dashboard to have 3 tables( or slices) represented in it? 3rd view is dependent on the 2nd View and the 2nd View dependent on the 1st view? How to?

Also, is it possible to run an action from a dashboard?

(James McFarlane) #20

How can I have a Number Card in a Dashboard. Let say user wants to see total inspection count.