Archive only goes back to January of 2018?

When I search for old items discussed on the Google + forum, I can’t find any posts before January of 2018. Was all of the content that can before that lost? :frowning:

I believe @Peter only added the more recent posts. He can fill you in.

Chiming in @Mike to the conversation. If I remember correctly and have understood it correctly, in one of the posts he had mentioned that he had a copy of the posts from old G+ community. I have also exported a good amount of G+ posts to a firebase database here >
Provided you experience login problems, please do pass me your email address and I can add you as an authenticated user.

Hey @Kirk_Masden, we do have a good record of posts before 2018, but wanted to balance the amount of useful Q&A from G+ without bringing over too much outdated content (based on how quickly the editor ux and features are changing). If there are specific types of topics/threads you keep thinking about revisiting that you can’t find elsewhere, let us know. It may be more ideal to recreate in the context of the current version of the platform, but may also consider backfilling with additional posts if it makes sense.

Thanks! I was able to log in. I may be missing something but I don’t see a search function. If there is a search function, this is all that I need.

Thanks @Peter! I’m looking into the firebase database that @LeventK kindly mentioned. If I can find my old posts there, that will solve the problem. It’s quite true that the AppSheet platform has evolved a lot in the past year and that many posts from the past are no longer relevant. Occasionally, however, people like me who have been around a while might want to go back to older posts to check up on what was said about issues that remain unresolved.