Are the AppSheet servers down?

Made minor edits to my app definition and it has been trying to sync for over seven minutes. Not going anywhere. Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 1.38.44 PM

Everything else on my laptop is working just fine, including internet connectivity.

I’m all good over here in Colorado.

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Good. I went ahead and forced close the tab and it’s all working fine again.

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We have periodically ran into this issue in the past but not as much recently. You attempted to save and it just went loading forever?

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If your using Chrome, that will happen. Chrome eats through memory like starved lion tearing into a zebra, and AppSheet is already fairly heavy itself. I use the Chromium version of Edge so I get all the benefits of Chrome, but its much friendlier performance and memory wise.

The only benefit of sticking to standard Chrome instead of switching to Chromium Edge, is standard Chrome still has deep integration into other Google products, which is helpful if you are a frequent user of them. Microsoft replaced or got rid of all of that stuff, and added its own helpful bits like tracking prevention.


I’m actually using Safari. Interestingly, I had just restarted my computer around twenty minutes earlier so it should have been fairly clear.

Yep. When I tried to leave the page it warned that it was processing so something was still connecting but I just gave up.

We each have 64gb of RAM on our desktops so

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I highly recommend never using Safari. It’s the worst browser in terms of both performance and security.

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