Are there any workflows, integrations, etc. t...

(Zachary Gatch) #1

Are there any workflows, integrations, etc. that will allow automation to take place when email is sent and/or received that would be tied to a generic AppSheet email address (constant per user) and unique email addresses tied to each user I may have entered as a contact (using some sort of ref)?

This would be something that can be accomplished today with typical out of the box CRM solutions.

The key is obviously automation where correspondence is tracked real-time and correctly linked to unique contacts.

Thank you!

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Please see my response to your post about integration with Mailchimp.

(Zachary Gatch) #3

@praveen, can you direct me to any video, posts, verbiage that can help me understand how I might be able to execute this type of workflow using a webhook?

Thank you.