Arithmetic expression using Select()


I’m trying to make a Valid_if function to restrict the maximum value from another table. I have the following formula:

MAX(SELECT(GLOSARIO INVENTARIO[Máximo], AND([_THISROW].[Frecuencia] = [Frecuencia], [_THISROW].[Punto de venta] = [Lugar], [_THISROW].[Momento] = [Momento])))

It says the formula is ok but it is not a expected Valid If condition. Any thoughts?

Valid_if needs to evaluate to a TRUE/FALSE value. You can maintain this simply:

[_THIS]<=MAX(SELECT(GLOSARIO INVENTARIO[Máximo], AND([_THISROW].[Frecuencia] = [Frecuencia], [_THISROW].[Punto de venta] = [Lugar], [_THISROW].[Momento] = [Momento])))

It looks like the Select function is expecting a select-row? for the second parameter but you are providing AND which returns Yes/NO

Perfect! Worked great, thanks guys!

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