Arrange fields in UX-> Form views

This seems like an obvious request, but I can’t seem to find it so here goes…

Form view field ordering
Currently questions are ordered based upon the underlying table structure, and you can reorder questions within the app by using slices. This often leads me to creating slices with the sole purpose of ordering of questions within form views.

It would be better if we could create form views and specify a column order in the same fashion we do with other views (detail, table, etc).

Form view SHOW() column types
Currently we are only able to display each column in a form once. This of course makes sense for data entry fields.

With respect to SHOW() columntypes, we should be able to reuse them. One good use case of SHOW() column-types in forms is to create horizontal rules or page breaks; unfortunately you need to create a new SHOW() column for each pagebreak.