Array formulas in appsheet

Hi there, formula =arrayformula(if(and(MAX(IF($B:$B=$B212,$A:$A))=VALUE($A212),MAX(($B:$B=$B212)*($A:$A=$A212)row($A:$A))=row()),“Y”,“N”))
is in a google sheet.
Appsheet has got this as
However when new entries are made in the app, the formula does not copy down, and the cell remains blank.

Can anyone recommend any suggestions here? Thanks in advance

I may be confused but I would guess that the array formula should not be in AppSheet at all. The AppSheet code that you quoted would be replicated with every new line. However, you only need one array formula in the spreadsheet – at the first row.

Again, apologies if I have misunderstood your situation.

Might be best to contact directly for help with this.

You can try putting this in the header with something like =ARRAYFORMULA(IF(row(A:A)==1, “Column Name”, …))

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