As a Co-Author: How Can I

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As a co-author to an app, how can I get a new sheet I’ve created in a data source already connected to an app - to show up in the table picker?

For example:

How can I get the new sheets to show up so I can add them to the app?

  • The old modal had a dropdown, with all the sheets of the… sheet (ugh, terrible naming scheme)
    • Sheets already connected were greyed out, etc. etc.

Yes, this is annoying, we always need to ask the owner of the app to add new table to the app we are working on collabrately, even the spreadsheet is shared with me, but not able to add table.
I simply hope this is a bug.


I echo what @tsuji_koichi and @MultiTech_Visions mention. A couple of weeks ago I too had this issue while changing the workflow report template. The workflow existed in an old workflow setup and not in new BOT environment.

I realized that however, as a workaround, as a co-author, I could add the template by changing the file ID to that of new report template’s file ID. However, it will be great if one could add the templates, tables, and such elements in a seamless manner as a co-author.

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Hi @Aleksi ,

May we request your guidance in this case?

Of late, as a co-author, as @MultiTech_Visions has detailed, we are unable to add a new table from the Google sheet. I have access to both the Google sheet and app as co-author. However, I am unable to add a new table to the app.

The same was the case for report/workflow templates. However there I could add a new template file with pasting google drive file ID of the new template file as a workaround.


A workaround given to me by someone at AppSheet, if you’ve got a Suggestion available inside that first table-picker-pop-up:

  • Select one of the suggestions, this will take you to “the original table-picker screen” - as we OGs know it
    • There you can then change the selected table to the one you want.

Oh, that is excellent @MultiTech_Visions. Thank you so much.

So now we have workarounds for both adding tables and template files.


Unfortunately you can only use the table-adding workaround if you’ve got a suggestion available.

  • If there’s no suggestions you can’t get past that first screen.

Got it. Thank you.

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