As a co-author, how do I access templates that are shared with me from the app creator Google account?

I could have sworn I was able to access the “Shared With Me” folder a few days ago but today it’s not showing up.

So…I have created Workflow templates and on Google Drive have moved them into a folder within the App Creators Google Account. I now want to attach those templates to the workflows within this app I am a co-author on.

When I attempt to attach an existing template to the workflow, I do not see the “Shared With Me” folder to be able to navigate to the location of the templates. Is there some way I can get at these shared folders?

If not, what do I need to do to get these templates saved on he App Creators account into the workflows?

Well, I figured it out. It turns out that within Google, a shortcut to the shared folder can be created and placed within My Drive. This allows access to that shared location from the AppSheet Google file navigation pane.


Hmm, that’s interesting. I think that’s what I was missing on another project a long time ago. I always just use the search bar instead of clicking through folders, I highly recommend that.

The problem I encountered was that files of same name were listed and I couldn’t tell which was where! :thinking: