As a first time user I'm trying to use Airtab...

(GertJan Kuiper) #1

As a first time user I’m trying to use Airtable. For one of the tables I’m using in Airtable I get a very persistent error while setting up my app, with an ‘Error cloning app’. It gives an INVALID_REQUEST_UNKNOWN, probably with this as the main problem:

Error type: INVALID_REQUEST_UNKNOWN. Error message: Invalid request: parameter validation failed. Check your request data… Error: Table ‘Alle vpro producties’ uses schema ‘auto’ which could not be found.

There seems to be wrong in the data source. Testing with another table: no problem, but with this one the error keeps coming up.

Any suggestions the message ‘uses schema ‘auto’ could not be found’ means?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi, our Airtable expert @Harry is on vacation this week. Do you mind sending the details (appname, etc) to — he’ll be back next week and will investigate. Thanks

(GertJan Kuiper) #3

Will do, thanks for the reply!