Askig for other information on Invoking an Action


We are in manufacturing sector. We have created an app for Sample development and Production Development as well. After a sample is approved, we shift it in Production App.

I wanted to know if the sample is selected and moved t production phase, there are some other details which needs to be requested as well, as for example: Style of garment, Qty of Gament and Sizes to be manufactured which are not present in Samples App but necessary information in Prouction App.

Is there any way, when the user Selects an option to shift it in Production, he can give necessary details in some form and the total Row Data from Samples App and other details be added in Production App?

Yes. You can use a Grouped Action which simply allows you to run several actions together with a single button tap.

So a grouped action can contain your original action to “move a sample to production”. But then you can create and add to the group another action to navigate to a Form that allows you to set the values for “Style of garment, Qty of Garment and Sizes to be manufactured”.

This video below gives you the BASIC concept (it was created for another post). Please ask questions if you need more help.

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