Asset Register (Husqvarna Track Lift app)

Hi all
I am still struggling to get a asset register built to manage my shared assets.
I have just read the Husqvarna case study and it seems the description of their Lift app is just what I want as per the description below, has anyone out there got a template or idea to share to help me get to my solution?

For example, the company’s Track Lift app lets the team know who’s using cherry pickers and forklifts at any point in time. As a result, up to 40 lift drivers and team leaders have access to up-to-date information about who is on what lifts when, the condition of each machine before and after use, and more. Instead of using a radio to check on availability, the team can simply reference the Track Lift app to see what’s being used and what isn’t.

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Hi @Timbo

We’ve built apps like this before. So if you want to have a chat about this, send me an email on

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