Assign Rank/Position (Competitions)

Hi! I have a list of dancers in my app. My users (judges) often give scores to them on different attributes. In the end, the sum of those scores is made (I have a virtual SUM Total Column) and the one with the highest score wins. Is it possible in AppSheet to use the SUM Total and automatically assign the rank/position of the dancer? If yes, is also possible to give the same position to two different dancers if they have the same punctuation?. Thank you!

Please explore following workaround.

The workaround assumes the table has identical length key column such as 8 character long UNIQUEID(). Also any such dynamic multirow implementations may be sync time expensive as these involve VCs and SELECT() like multi row expressions.

For this you could create a column called say [SimpleRank] with an expression such as

(FIND([_THISROW].[Key Column], ORDERBY(Table Name[Key Column], [Score Sum], TRUE))/11)+1

Here the key is 8 character UNIQUEID() , so the dvision is by 11.If the key length is 6, dvision will be by 9 and so on. (in Short KeyLength+3 to take care of spaces before and after key and comma in list)

Edit: I will revert on this

Hi @tsuji_koichi; We have discussed in the past on similar positional ranking implementations.Hope you find it relevant.

edit: Sorry @tsuji_koichi and @juanpa , I will revert on proper ranking with more tweaks to the expressions. Simple ranking works though.

Edit: Changed the image to show ranking in descending order.


@juanpa : This does not seem to be feasible, at least as permy understanding. I will revert if I come acroess anything.

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In this case, I do employ different technique and approaches for “ranking” stuffs.

The issue is how to deal with ranking when we have the same score. Further more there will be two different requirement in terms of numbering for duplicates.

1, 2, 3, 3, 5, 6 …
1, 2, 4, 4, 5, 6…

Either way, the expression will returns what we need.

I generated quick sample.
This is just a matter of math.


Great @tsuji_koichi. I will take a look at the sample to understand your solution. I was a bit struggeling with that second part to assign the same ranking when score is same.

I knew someone like you will have a proper and optimized solution. Thank you.


Yes, please dig into the sample app, it is pretty much simple expressions.


I dug into it . So simple and effective :slight_smile:


Yes pretty much .

It was one of those days, when I charted into long approach , good that I marked you in the post and you provided an easy solution.

@juanpa : Obviosuly please consider @tsuji_koichi sample app, he has given simple and straighforward approach.


Hello @Suvrutt_Gurjar and @tsuji_koichi I’ll test this today and I’ll let you know if it works. Thanks!

is this sample app still around. My key column is row the line of code in the solution does not work for me