Assign value to multiple rows of data

Hi, I’m thinking of a way to assign an Order No to a list of multiple request items. If possible I would like to use the multi select button and select the group of items I want to edit the Order No. of and when one order number is chosen the order has been created with the numerous requests within it.

Is there any way to achieve this?

I should also mention that the view/slice of data I am attempting to do this with; the multi select option wont appear for me as of right now, any ideas as to why this would be happening would be helpful also

Yes you can do this via typing the order number into a User Settings field, then using multi select and an Action to write that Order number to multiple rows at once.

You can only tick multiple items if its a table type view i think, and editable

I thought this myself but the view is table and editable; I have other views on the app that can acquire this feature just not the one I really need it for.

Hey if you want to share your App with me I can take a look?

I just got the multi select back- it was one of the delete system actions that were not on display; once I added it back it showed. Thank you though :slight_smile:

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@1minManager Should have mentioned- the Order No that the user selects will come from an enum list and they could be assigning to 100+ requests using multi select

Why don’t these items have an order number associated with them when they are created?

It sounds like you want a Set Column Value action that can be bulk-applied to the rows selected. But you want the user to choose the value (in this case, from a dropdown).

@Adam is currently working on a feature to let the user select the value in such an action.


There is two steps involved with two different roles; the site engineer makes a request and the buyer then creates an order with a supplier for said request, and then assigns that created order to a daily request.

@Adam where are you with this new feature? Could you elaborate more on this please

@Sarah_Keown where you able to get this to work?

@James_McFarlane It doesn’t work as planned but it is a version of what I wanted.

I added a new column called “Current POR” in my user table, so the currently logged in user will pick their order no and that will be associated with their actions when multi selecting.

When they multi select I am changing two things, the user column of the request and the POR No is pulled in through that email id as such.

Sorry its such an awkward explanation!