Assigned specific Columns of Category in Calendar View

Hi I have multiple columns on my Table.
However on my Calendar view, only the [Status] is selectable.
Why is it I cannot see my other columns?
I want my columns to be the [Planters / Company], but it is not in the list of selection.


Hoping for your guidance.


Hi @Henjoe ,

Is the [Status] column Enum or Enumlist or Reference type and [Planters / Company] is of “Text” or “Name” type? I believe the calendar view allows the Category to be either of these columns type - Enum/Enumlist/Reference because such columns may have a few distinct predefined values. I believe having Enum/enumlist columns as options is logical as well for a “Category” setting. .

In general , I believe “Text” , “Name” may have any value and may not be good fit for “Categories”

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Thanks for this!
Yeah. Didn’t know about that, I changed the [Planters / Company] type to type Enumlist.
It’s now working!