assignEditURL function: visitor registration form

Hi all,

Would appreciate any insight!

I have a visitor registration form made using Google Forms. In its linked Google Sheet, I have an assignEditURL function and then a trigger set to make it auto-populate.

My app is based off the form and its linked sheet.

My issue is that if the form is submitted via the app, it doesn’t create an editURL. (It still creates them if the form is submitted via Google Forms)
The editURL is pretty integral to how I need the app to operate.

Any advice on how this could be integrated into the app?

Thank you!

Hi @wtpaige, welcome!

I’m a little unfamiliar with assignEditURL functions, so bear with me - what fields are are you auto-populating? (It might be more ideal if your app is build directly from your Sheet instead of the form)

Hi Peter!

I’m auto-populating a field that assigns URLs to each form submission so that respondents can go back and edit the submissions via the URL.

That actually sounds great to build the sheet directly from the form! Guessing that there’s an AppSheet add on for Google Sheets too?

Thank you!

I’m pretty sure triggers don’t fire when AppSheet interacts with the spreadsheet.

This is quite doable with Google Apps Script actually and an onEdit(e) trigger could send an email of the gSheet URL.
A second option could be publishing the gSheet to the web.
These options totally related with what you are trying to achieve.

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Hi Steve,

Do you know if there’s any work-arounds for that?

I do not. @LeventK is the expert on this.

Hi LeventK!

I think we’re already on the same page with the Google Apps Script and the trigger. I have both of those set-up, but I’m curious about how to get it to operate within the app if someone submits the form via the app.

Publishing to the web and the e-mail option wouldn’t be the most ideal for our org because the information is confidential (web) and Google already sends edit e-mails when the form is submitted and these get deleted due to how many e-mails people receive a day.

I really like the functionality and layout of AppSheet because it’s easily searchable and all in one place, so any way to get it to work within AppSheet vs Google Sheets would be great.

Have you read this post of mine before? I believe the result is pretty much identical. If not, we can fine tune the scenario for sure.

I have not! Thank you for linking it here. I’ll read through it and see if I can figure it out.