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(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #1

The ‘Assistant’ view that’s available by default in every app is a handy tool for performing ‘intelligent’ searches of your app content. Try using natural language commands to quickly show results:

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(Marc Dillon) #2

Is this a new feature? This would be amazing!

(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #3

@Marc_Dillon this should already be live for you and available by default in any new apps you create. Look in Intelligence > Smart Assistant to enable - more details available here:

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(Sergio Sagristá) #4

Hi, Peter. Somewhere I read that Assistant View supported the English and Spanish languages. I am developing an application for inspections and supervision of engineering works (schools, universities, sewers, roads, etc.). My first language is spanish. Every time I tried the assistent I had no results. The app tables have the following names: “obras” (works), “visitas” (visits), “Inspectores” (inspectors), “representantes” (represdentatives), “jefes” (bosses), “supervisores” (supervisors) . The consultations through the assistant would be about the name of the tables or the type “Mostrar las obras de la provincia de …” (Show me the works that are in the province of …).
How should I formulate the orders for it to work?
I tried:
“Go to works” (Go to works) -> sometimes works, sometimes it does not work
“Show me works from the province of Buenos Aires” (Show me work from Buenos Aires province) -> it does not work.
Thank you.


I can confirm it has been live for months now. Not sure I always get the results I want, but it is a very interesting addition, and does provide a decent search by voice capability. Can find you a record while driving, but the next action typically requires typing.

Still trying to find a killer application for it in my use cases, but love knowing it’s there when I hit the need. One day, with a real Intelligent Assitant (like Dialogflow), this could get very very interesting!

(Tony Fader) #6

Hi @Sergio_Sagrista, can you give me the name of your app? There may be a bug that’s breaking the assistant for your app.

(Sergio Sagristá) #7

Hi Tony, the name is SuperObras (SuperObras-462394).

(Tony Fader) #8

@Sergio_Sagrista I tried these queries in your app and they seemed to work:

  • obras
  • visitas
  • inspectores
  • representantes
  • jefes

This one didn’t work:

  • Mostrar las obras de la provincia de Buenos Aires

It didn’t work because the provincia column is of type Text, which isn’t filterable using the Smart Assistant column. If you convert it to an Enum or Ref column, where the values are the possible provincias, then it should work. (I’ll update the documentation to reflect this.)

Now, I have another question. When you say that “go to the works” doesn’t work, is it because it’s transcribing your command incorrectly? Or is the command transcribed correctly but it’s not doing the right thing?

Thank you for your valuable feedback!

(Sergio Sagristá) #9

Tony, I tried the same queries and now work : :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

Ok with “It didn’t work because the provincia column is of type Text”.

The last question is resolved: simply say “Obras”

Thank you so much for everything.

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(Tony Fader) #10

Glad you got it working. Please feel free to make a new post in the community with any feedback or questions that you have about it.

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