Attach and Archive problem when Saving file with date in filename

Hi All,

I have this unwanted behaviour - if the filename contains [Date] then when it “Attach and Archives” the attachment it reads the date as part of the file path, and not as part of the filename.

I am using UK locale in google sheets and in appsheet. e.g. 31/07/2020. It archives into google drive.


Attachment folder path: CONCATENATE(“EquipmentInspections/”,[Region],"/",[Equipment_ID])
(no problem with this)

filename: [Date]_[Equipment_ID]>>.pdf

Appsheet parses the [Date] as part of the folder path so I get this path instead:

Desired output: EquipmentInspections/North/Equip_123
Actual output: “EquipmentInspections/North/Equip_123/31/07/2020/” then the filename.pdf

To work around this I tried:


and it gets close but the filename is shown as:
there is an unwanted comma.

How can I fix this.

Please try with TEXT() expression



so simple!! thanks