Attach Inline action to column is resetting - bug

I have encountered a new bug, this was working just two days ago.

I am attaching inline actions to a column and appsheet is resetting the column to the one that the Acton is targeting, instead of the “Attach to column”

Some more background, I am using a text column as the inline action anchor column, i have the SHOWIF constraint set to (CONTEXT(“ViewType”) <> “form”) because i read that may make a difference

I am trying to show the action in a Detail view
I had it working without this SHOWIF expression 2 days ago
I have tried with a structured column and VC

Has anyone come across this recently?

Hi @Steve_Chambers
It is a known bug and they are working on it. Hope to have it fixed asap today.


thx Lynn

Hi all, please see the update I just posted here … BUG? Column & Inline Action Missing From View, Replaced with _RowNumber (and No Action) - #20 by praveen

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