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Hi, i’ building an app for INVOICES and SHIP DOCUMENTS; i created a workflow to prepare this documents and archive in folder; i build a ROW with ZAPIER for to insert the link when it generated a new file in INVOICE_FILE folder, now i would like to create a button to send this documents (in case that the customer no longer finds the email previously sent) using workflow (as the app ADD A NUMBER), in this case it will be without attachment but with OTHER ATTACHMENT but i don’t want to ADD file in my table, i would generate a string as INVOICES_FILE/FILENAME, but i know APPSHEET generates a particular string (namefaile.Pdf.number) How can i do that? @Aleksi_Alkio

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@Mark_Pathfinder When you create the workflow with UPDATES_ONLY mode, just use [FileColumnName] in the attachment property. When generating workflow files, the attachment file name consists of the Attachment Name you specified, suffixed with the system generated date and time including milliseconds at which the attachment was created. The date and time are formatted as “yyyyMMdd_HHmmss_SSS” where “SSS” is milliseconds. This ensures the attachment file name is unique. For example:


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i know that, i need to know the name of PDF attached (when i attached the file). my intent is to generate the file name automatically and enter it with a formula in the PDF box to avoid uploading; with zapier I could regenerate the file name, doing this I avoid the upload and address saving the file in the INVOICE_FILE folder

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If Zapier is already reading INVOICE_FILE directory and grabs the file name for you, so that means you could have that value in one of table columns, am I right? If yes, you can then just have another simple workflow email that is triggered by an action button and re-sends that link to previously stored pdf file as many times as you wish.

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no, I had already thought about this solution but it is not feasible because the workflow make another file, and i don’t want it; zapier read a new file and insert the link in my table; in this case i could have more similar files of invoices