Attach PDF files children records


I have an invoicing app and invoices (child) are grouped by Accounting Period (parent)
At the end of every month, the invoices should be sent to an accounting department.

I haven’t managed to add the PDFs as attachments to the email.

Thank you!

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You may wish to mention how exactly the invoice files are stored in the child table - meaning as a file column or something else or you wish to first create PDFs for all related monthly invoice records and then attach those in the email.

if the PDF files are existing in the child table records, you may wish to explore “other attachments” option. I could not test with PDF files but with image files I could attach all related images from child table records into workflow of the parent record. The workflow email had those related images attached.


I have 3 tables:
Invoices - generates PDF Invoices that are sent to the customers during the month
Expenses - File column that stores an uploaded PDF.
Accountant - Parent for both tables above.

I have a Workflow to make a summary (Excel) with all the data (attachment) and also send all the expenses documents (Other Attachments - PDFs work too).

What I don’t know is how to get the PDF invoices generated earlier, attached to the end of the month email.
I’ve seen some posts about fetching a file from a location but I am after a different solution.

BEST SCENARIO: add a column in the invoice table [PDF Document] and somehow once the invoice is created, the PDF will be added to the record.
This way I can pick it up from there at the end of the month.

I believe this should be possible. Please refer to the below email thread wherein @Rich has shared the approach to capture the file path.