Attached image related to work order

Hi, I created a work order app… It has a work order sheet and a detailed work order sheet were all images and data is captured.

How do I attach the image as an attachment if not on the same sheet?

Do you mean attach to an email message coming from a workflow rule?

You can use an expression to fetch the appropriate image(s)

hi Praveen. are you able to help me with the expression please

I’m guessing that your workflow rule is on the WorkOrder table and each row has one or more WorkOrderDetails rows that reference it. These are available in the virtual column ‘Related WorkOrderDetails’

Assuming this, you’d use something like this for your attachments expression:
SELECT([Related WorkOrderDetails][Image], true)

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yes exactly…thank you…will try it now

Thank you Praveen…worked!!!

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Hi Praveen,

I have created an app under my account. How do I transfer the app to a new account?




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