Attaching multiple files to a record : I am t...

(Vishal Dhingra) #1

Attaching multiple files to a record : I am trying to build a travel app. I have one row for my flight and have 8 travelers. Just checked them all in and wanted to attach

all 8 boarding passes pdf to that record. It seems only 1 file is allowed to be attached to a record. Is there any other way to build this use case except having to build 8 different records.?

(Stephen Mattison) #2

This sounds odd. Why couldn’t you have eight different columns and one file in each?

(Tony Fader) #3

@Vishal_Dhingra You could have a single “parent” record for the trip, which as a collection of “child” records. You could then send multiple pdfs based on each of the related child records.

(Stephen Mattison) #4


Try running your app in the Browser version on your Andriod phone and see if you can open your files that way.

I’ve seen a couple things work differently/better in the Browser on my phone.

Might seem like a hassle, or maybe it’s easier to make a shortcut right to the Browser View that you need most if it will work like you want.

(Vishal Dhingra) #5

@Stephen_Mattison Because you never know how many attachments you might need for each record.

Thanks @tony but it is additional management of table/columns for managing just attachments. However, this seems to be a logical step if no other option is available.

(Stephen Mattison) #6


Oh, OK.

The way you explained it, it sounded that you only had 8 boarding passes or “files” that you needed to track.

If you’ll have several files/passes for each traveler, maybe for a multi-stop trip, then yes, you’ll need to use the Parent-Child setup.

If you’re just getting into this you should check out the Order Capture Appsheet Sample App, or maybe better for your App the Trip Log Example App.

(Vishal Dhingra) #7

Dear @Stephen_Mattison Can you point me to the trip log example app. I am unable to find it in the sample apps. Thanks,

(Stephen Mattison) #8


Here Ya go! This is my copy, make a copy of it for yourself. - Build Powerful Mobile Apps from Spreadsheets Build Powerful Mobile Apps from Spreadsheets

(Vishal Dhingra) #9

@Stephen_Mattison Thanks for sharing. Appreciate it.

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@Vishal_Dhingra YVW!

Please add a nice Profile Image so we know that you are not a Robot, TY!

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I’ve been planning a travel app of my own, would love to hear more about what you come up with!

TY & Good Luck!

(Vishal Dhingra) #12

@Stephen_Mattison@tony As an alternative for now I have zipped all the files and attached the one single zip file to the record. unfortunately, I am unable to open the zip file in android phone. However, if I connect from laptop, then the zip file is downloaded and I can extract the data. I guess the app is not identifying the zip file as it gives an extension of .jpg to the file.