Attaching PDF from actions

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How do I attach a PDF file to an action that starts an email? I see where to modify the body but how do I specify I want a PDF file in the body or as an attachment?


You can’t use External: start an email to send an attachment. You’ll have to use a workflow or report.

So the workflow can be triggered upon changes to the spreadsheet.

I previously tried having the email sent when a value is set to true in the spreadsheet, but this causes bugs. I created a column named Print? that set a value to true at the click of a button, then sent an email.

It sent the email, but it caused bugs with other columns in the table.

What bugs?

I recommend triggering workflows with a DateTime type column. You’ll define your triggering action to set this column to UTCNOW(), and your workflow will run off of changes to this column ([_THISROW_BEFORE] <> [_THISROW_AFTER]). Also a handy timestamp of when it was last run!

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This column does not work correctly with the approach I tried previously. I will try the approach you suggested. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestion! When you say workflow will run off of changes to this column, how do I specify that the workflow should run whenever this column is updated?

Here is what happened when I tried your approach. The stops disappeared.

I can’t imagine any reason why changing the value in a seemingly completely separate column would break the expression in your [Stops] column. Do you have some sort of Reset on Edit conditions somewhere?

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