Attachment name of workflow automatized

Is possible to automatize attachment name i workflows?

i would like to store attached files by name and date.
ex: concatenate([date],[name]) .PDF


Yes, but you will need to do so in multiple steps.

The first workflow Task should be “Save a File” where you can use an expression or column to create the filename prefix AS WELL AS specify the location of where to save the file. This file can still be generated from a template.

The second step is is the normal Email Task but instead of generating the file, simply attach the file created in Task 1. There is a file attachments section at the bottom of the Email Task.


Hello @J_jvs , yes, you can use template style expressions for your attachment name, for example:

Cert. <<[Contratista_ref].[Nombre]>> N°<<NroCert>> (<<[Obra_ref].[Nombre]>>) al <<DATETIME(NOW())>>

Is a formula that im using currently, complete with symbols, use of functions, a bit of everything.

In your case, if your workflow runs on the table that contains the [date] and [name] fields it would be


The pdf suffix is added automatically, since it’s the file format.


If you are using date, you may wish to use a format something like below

<<TEXT([Date],“YYYY-MM-DD”)>>_<<[Name]>>.pdf because if the date is in dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy foamt , the slashes could possibly be mistaken for a subfolder by the app


Yes, this is simpler and accomplished within a single Email Task. I jumped ahead with certain assumptions.

What are your needs? Will you want to be able to re-generate files of the same name? Do you need to keep ALL generated files? Will you want to surface the file from within the app?


thanks a lot to all for your great help :clap: :clap:

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