Attachment name (workflow)

Hello, I have the following question: I have a column called card code in which the code has 5 letters and 2 numbers (example: abcde / 12). When I use this column as “Attachment name”, the application spreadsheet understands that the “/” in my column code should be separated as a folder. Is there any way to change that? Unfortunately I cannot replace the “/” with another symbol, as it is the default code.

You can fix that if you remove the “/” away from that file name in your Workflow role. Something like SUBSTITUTE([card code],"/",""). Then the file name will be abcde12.

But I cannot remove this “/”, because it is standard. All codes must be written this way

I’m afraid that’s how it works… if you have “/” with your file name, it will generate extra subfolder.

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how do I get parts of a text? For example, take the first part before the bar and the part after the bar? EX: abcde/12

For example LEFT([Column],5) or RIGHT([Column],2)