Attachment Syntax Trouble

Getting wound up with my inability to see what MUST be a syntax error. Please help.

Table named - MASTER
Key Column is named - UNIQUEID
Trigger Column to fire a Workflow - CREATE PROPOSAL? (This is a YES/NO type)

Goal: When user entry clicks “YES” on Create Proposal a workflow will see it and dump an excel spreadsheet.

I have tried <<start: SELECT(, etc and <<start: FILTER(, etc, and all “failing”.

Consistent errors are invalid structures, invalid subaddresses, missing parenthes and of course the failure to generate REF values. I have it producing the spreadsheet empty, or, dumping ALL rows and columns but not JUST ye old “Y” in its Column rows. .

Example of latest Failures include:
<<start: SELECT(“Master DB” [UNIQUEID], AND([Create Proposal?] = “TRUE”))>
<<start: Filter(Master DB [UNIQUEID], [Create Proposal?] = “TRUE”)>>

All help appreciated. .


SELECT(“Master DB” [UNIQUEID], AND([Create Proposal?] = “TRUE”))

should be:

SELECT(Master DB[UNIQUEID], ([Create Proposal?] = “TRUE”))

No quotes around table name when adjacent to column designation. AND() is superfluous. Note that = "TRUE" is unneeded when testing a Yes/No value for truth.


Filter(Master DB [UNIQUEID], [Create Proposal?] = “TRUE”)

should be:

Filter("Master DB", [Create Proposal?] = “TRUE”)

Bare table name should be quoted. First argument of FILTER() should be a table name only, not a table column specification. And again, the = "TRUE" is not strictly needed.

See also:

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Bueno!! A salute of thanks!