Attachment template incorporate to his refferal row

i have an attachment template sent via email.
Is there a way to auto incorporate this pdf file into his row? I mean, i would like to find the pdf through the app and not saving the actual file.


Saving the files, pdf, images, word and/or excels which Appsheet support to save are always go to the default cloud service provider you define. When you set up your workflow to email to someone, then make sure to set attachANDarchive. Then whenever the workflow is triggered, i.e. email is sent then the same PDF file is saved in your cloud service.

To get the path automatically to those file, please generate the virtual columns, with expression which construct full path (URL) to that file.

This document is guiding us how to construct URL with Appsheet expression.

The full url expression like this<YourAppName>&fileName=<YourAttachmentFileName>

At the very end of , please refer to your workflow where you are putting file name and push into this part.

But please also make sure you should turn OFF the time stamp to add the end of the file name otherwise, the URL is not able to find the files correctly. Whenever the workflow is triggered on the same rows, the new pdf is generated and will keep overwriting previous one, but it always retains the exactly same file name, so the URL constructed by virtual columns is able to detect the file.
The virtual column type for URL should be URL types.

Thats about it.


i’m trying to build my own URL but something is wrong.
maybe could be because the attachment name is quite a tricky one:

Certificate Order <<[Order Id]>> - serialN <<[serialN]>> - Date <<[date]>>