Attatchment Template Select expression


I have an attachment expression that is not working correctly.

My start expression:
<<Start:SELECT(Plug Insertion and Removal Register[Plug ID],([MostRecent].[Project] = [Project]))>><<[Plug ID]>>
Plug ID is the key column.

Here is an image of the bulk of the template.
Attachment Template

Here is the result
Attachment Template Result

The issue is the workflow is not returning multiple rows. But for some odd reason it is returning the key column result of each row, you can see this in the plug id row.

AAD 225/1, AAD 351/1, 984 are three separate Plug IDs?

Move the <<End>> to your last cell of the table to close the <<Start: ...>> expression properly.


Hi @LeventK,

Nice catch. Could you please guide, when multiple records are there, does the vertically arranged template add records sideways or does the template create a new vertical two column table ( one for field headings and second one for field values) for each new record?

I think one more option may be to create a horizontal format table as shown below. In the horizontal table template format, each new records get added one below the other.


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@Suvrutt_Gurjar it will repeat the table for each row of data in the template if you explicitly put the <<Start: ...>> and <<End>> expressions outside the table. If not, each row data will be a new line next to each column header. Provided it’s explicitly not needed, I generaly use horizontal table with the 1st row being the headers.


Thank you very much @LeventK for your guidance. Got it.

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Yes they are three seperate Plug ID’s

My intention here was to get it to build another table for each row.
Does this not work the way I expected?

For that, put your START statement above your table, and keep the END where it was.


So thats what I have been missing!
Thank you!