Attempting to view one row of a Slice

Hey AppNation!

Quick question for you…I am trying to base a view on a slice and have line item columns with each of them being based on a slice.

What this looks like is a Billing slice made into a view that has virtual columns for the following slices within the slice:

Right now it is working, but when I go into the app itself it is bringing up each load (row) that has been input into the app. I really only want one load to show up at a time.

Is there a way to create an expression like:
Name of Slice[key column], but View[certain row]? to only fetch one row instead of a list of rows (loads)?

In the slice, include an equality for the Key column, like:

[Key Column] = “Something”

Ok, like enter it as an App formula?

In the formula for the slice.

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Ok, Thank you. When you say to make it an equality, do you mean something like:

You said you wanted to show only one row… how will you pick out that one row?

Do you have a specific key or ID of the record, so you can use that in your equality?

Yes, the key is [Key], sorry my brain feels like mush right now…long day.

I feel like the best course would be [Key]=Load Number might work?

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I was also thinking Broker Information[key].select(_thisrow)

That would pull out that one specific row, yes.

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Thank you. I will give it a shot.

Ok, I tried
D Load Information[key]&
[key]=[load number]
in an App type virtual column.

It produced the following error:

From your original post.

The formula we’ve been discussing would be for the slice expression: [Key] = “something”


Ok, so if I am hearing you correctly, you are saying that if I make [key]=“something” then that will input a singular column designated by whatever “something” is?

I dont’ know what you mean by:

This is the formula for a slice… the thing that says, “This is the criteria for the rows that I want in this slice”

So there’s nothing about columns here, it’s a filter for your records.

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Ohhhh, ok. That makes things clearer.

Thank you.

Still on the lookout for a solution.