Attempts to view bug reports inhibited by automatic pop up

Today I’m trying to check in from time to time on a bug report I made:

Every time I attempt to view the posts in the “Report Bugs” category, however, I must first disable the posting interface. This is different from other categories, such as “General Questions” or “Tips & Tricks.” In “Tips & Tricks,” for example, viewing is the default but one can post easily by clicking on the plus (+) button.

I think the “Report Bugs” category should be the same. Actually, changing the default in the “Report Bugs” category might even improve the quality of the interaction here. By having the posting interface pop up before one has had time to check to see what has already been posted, the interface may be making multiple, unconnected posts on the same issue more likely. Before I post about a bug, I always try to check to see what has been posted so far but I have to struggle with the interface a little to do so. I think it would be good for the interface to “nudge” users to read first, before posting, instead.

If others agree that the default should be changed, it might also be a good idea to change “Report Bugs” to “Bug Reports.” The “Report Bugs” name itself seems to indicate that this part of the community is primarily for “reporting,” not reading what others have reported. As I wrote above, I think the default should be “read first, then post” and so I think the name “Bug Reports” might be more connotative of that.


Thanks for your feedback @Kirk_Masden! We’ll take this into consideration as we continue to improve the community experience.

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