Attendance Tracker Filtered view using deeplink

Hi! I am new to Appsheets and I am trying to make an attendance sheet. I have multiple courses (Programs) for which I need to track attendance. As a first step I am trying to get the students list for a particular course using deeplink. I am using LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW and _THISROW functions, but it is not yielding the desired outcome. Can you please help

Would you please show what you have tried already. It would be easier to give some help when we know little more about your case, thanks.

I have already made the app public! Below is the link to the app
Attendance Tracker


Would you please show the formula you have tried.

Hi Aleksi,

Below is the formula I used!
LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Student Names”, [Program Name]=[_THISROW].[Program Name])

Are you not able to see the app I built? I have made it public! If not, can you please let me know what I need to make it public?