ATTN FREELANCERS! Looking for work? Need somewhere to send overflow work? Join us on Slack!

Hello AppSheet Dev’s! :wave:

AppSheet is growing fast, and so is demand for AppSheet developers.

I'm Joseph from @greenflux; an AppSheet Partner, freelancer, and consultant. And I want to help you start (or grow) your freelancing career with AppSheet!

If you’re looking for AppSheet development work, or need somewhere to send overflow work,

Join us on Slack @AppSheetDEV

Yes, the service that was down for half the day yesterday. :joy:
–Link expires after 30 days. Message me if you need a new link.

I’m setting up this workspace as a free community resource for AppSheet dev’s to connect with potential clients, mentor new freelancers, and discuss working as consultants.

Everyone is welcome to join and post/search new jobs, or just join the discussion on freelancing.

  • Subscribe to the #new-leads channel for a steady feed of job posts from UpWork featuring AppSheet or Google Sheets in the title. :wink:

  • And the #announcements channel auto-posts outages for Google Workspace services.

  • Or start your own discussion in #appsheet-chat, #freelancer-chat, or #random-chat

Please keep all general AppSheet-help questions here in the official AppSheet forums. This Slack Workspace is for freelancers, mentors, and clients, to connect regarding paid-work, only (except #random-chat :upside_down_face: ).

I would also like to recognize a few other community initiatives from @MultiTech_Visions and @LeventK

-and to promote more video content, I’ve started a monthly challenge:

AppSheet is an AMAZING platform, and this community is just as awesome. Thank you to all who contribute to the forums!


Also wanted to add @Capibalid and @Guillermo to the list of community resources for Spanish speaking developers.