ATTN FREELANCERS! Looking for work? Need somewhere to send overflow work? Join us on Slack!

Hello AppSheet Dev’s! :wave:

AppSheet is growing fast, and so is demand for AppSheet developers.

I'm Joseph from @greenflux; an AppSheet Partner, freelancer, and consultant. And I want to help you start (or grow) your freelancing career with AppSheet!

If you’re looking for AppSheet development work, or need somewhere to send overflow work,

Join us on Slack @AppSheetDEV

Yes, the service that was down for half the day yesterday. :joy:
–Link expires after 30 days. Message me if you need a new link.

I’m setting up this workspace as a free community resource for AppSheet dev’s to connect with potential clients, mentor new freelancers, and discuss working as consultants.

Everyone is welcome to join and post/search new jobs, or just join the discussion on freelancing.

  • Subscribe to the #new-leads channel for a steady feed of job posts from UpWork featuring AppSheet or Google Sheets in the title. :wink:

  • And the #announcements channel auto-posts outages for Google Workspace services.

  • Or start your own discussion in #appsheet-chat, #freelancer-chat, or #random-chat

Please keep all general AppSheet-help questions here in the official AppSheet forums. This Slack Workspace is for freelancers, mentors, and clients, to connect regarding paid-work, only (except #random-chat :upside_down_face: ).

I would also like to recognize a few other community initiatives from @MultiTech_Visions and @LeventK

-and to promote more video content, I’ve started a monthly challenge:

AppSheet is an AMAZING platform, and this community is just as awesome. Thank you to all who contribute to the forums!


Also wanted to add @Capibalid and @Guillermo to the list of community resources for Spanish speaking developers.


Are you building apps for others?
Or maybe you need help getting a freelancing gig started?

Join The Slack Channel Above!

We got off to a bit of a slow start, but we’ve recently had some interesting topical discussions and sharing of leads and work in this slack channel.

Anybody out there who is currently freelancing as an Appsheet developer, or is interested in pursuing it, feel free to join! There’s plenty of work out there.


What kind of style would you guys say your free lance work is like? Personally looking for something more on the line of a “Quest Board” where I could just take some app/feature/change someone wants and complete that turn it in and take my gold. My full time 9-5 is a software dev that primarily works with Appsheet so I don’t want the like committed dev for someone else for a project.

I dislike interacting with product owners even when they’re my own coworkers out of just general social anxiety and them being bothersome at times.

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There’s a little bit of everything. I’ve helped one dev land a long-term gig, and referred several jobs to another agency.

My style has changed a bit. I had to quit taking new clients. I just provide long-term support for a handful of companies, now. I’m sending extra work to the Slack group, plus there’s an RSS feed setup that monitors UpWork for mentioned of AppSheet- so you can get notified and be first to apply. :slight_smile:


We’re up to 50 members now!

Things are really starting to pick up, and several dev’s and agencies are gaining new work through our Slack workspace.

If you’re looking for work, or need somewhere to send unwanted leads, join us on the AppSheet Dev Slack!


Here’s an updated invite link for the Slack channel.

It expires every 30 days, so just ask for a new link if you have any problems with the current one.


Folks, please help, how to develop and sell appsheets. What is the process like?
How can you imagine the process? Step by step?

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Thanks for reminding us to re-up the invitation link. Here it is


Hi. Could you kindly send me the slack link to join please? I’m just starting out doing 1-2 AppSheet jobs and wish to see how to get a more steady leads for jobs. Thanks

Thank you lots

Can someone please post an updated link to the slack channel? I have been building an app for a family business and I’m interested in lining up some freelance work. I really like the platform.